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Vintage 2023 Overview

After challenging 2021 and 2022 vintages from La Nina weather patterns and significant flooding in the Hunter Valley in July 2022. Resulting from 300mm of rain in four days. Vintage 2023 was shaping up as another wet and difficult season.

Regular spring rainfall kept the pressure on all growers. A big effort led by Liz Riley established a region wide aerial spray program, which allowed growers who couldn't access their vineyards due to saturated ground get their early season sprays on in time.

Summer arrived with vigorously growing vines with big canopies and healthy crops for those who kept their vines disease free. Downy Mildew management at flowering was the crux of the vintage, with some crop losses recorded across the region. December and January where significantly drier and sunnier than earlier months and apart from the lottery of the typical Hunter summer storm, free of excessive rainfall.

The generally sunny conditions continued into February which was fortuitous as vintage 2023 was one of the latest for many, many years. Harvest gained momentum after Australia Day and was in full swing in the first week of February. The warm and sunny late summer without any heat waves has led to an excellent vintage. 

White grapes were ripe with high acid levels and balanced moderate sugar levels. Very promising to produce classically styled, aromatic and age worthy Semillon, Chardonnay and the many newer varieties, such as Fiano and Vermentino. However, quality fruit continued to roll in through vintage building to a peak in mid to late February with some seriously exciting Shiraz fruit and resultant wines. Deep and brightly coloured with ripe flavours and a plush density, these wines are certainly of high quality and likely to be outstanding.


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