The Hunter Valley’s climate is similar to a Mediterranean climate with lovely balmy days in spring and summer and brisk nights in autumn and winter when wood fires are roaring. In summer the average daily temperature is between 28°-30C and in winter 16-18°C, dipping to lows of 2-4°C overnight. January is the hottest month and July the coldest. The heaviest rainfall is in summer, similar to a subtropical climate, with a secondary peak just before winter with an average annual rainfall of 750mm.



Summer can be warm in the Hunter Valley. However, the intermittent thunderstorms throughout the season as well as the cool breezes coming from the ocean at night make sure both grapes and visitors alike are cooled. There are plenty of crisp, cool Hunter Valley whites to enjoy and swimming pools to dive into to make summer a great time for a visit.

Summer is harvest time and therefore also an exciting and vibrant time of year. Harvest starts around the end of January and continues on until March.

 Weather Climate Summer 2


As the summer rolls on and autumn days draw closer, many of the vine leaves turn a warm orange-red hue and start dropping off the vines. Autumn is the time to celebrate nature’s bounty and the year’s harvest.

 Weather Climate Autumn


Winter in Wine Country is a beautiful time of the year, with clear blue skies and mild temperatures averaging 18°C during the day with cosy fireplaces and winter-warming food  to beat the night chill.

Even in winter, the Hunter Valley is a sight to be seen. The stark contrast of the dormant grapevines and display of winter grass and flowers in the vineyards make for awesome Insta photos.

 Weather Climate Winter


Spring is a particularly picturesque time in the area with winemakers excited about the year’s budburst. This is when the vines spring to life with delicate light green foliage and the hills and pastures are a lush green. Flowers bloom everywhere and the Spring Festival of Flowers held is in September at Hunter Valley Gardens.

Temperatures are in the early 20s, and the good weather lends itself to outdoor events such as Opera in the Vineyards and other music festivals, as well as heralding the start of the wedding season.

Weather Climate Spring



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