Our wine and food community’s connection to the natural environment runs deep. Sustainability is top of mind in everything we do because viticulture, winemaking, and the farming of fresh produce for our many restaurants, are all inherently linked to the health of the land and climate. We’ve made firm commitments to organic growing, biodynamic methods and carbon neutral certification. What this means for you, is that enjoying a taste of the good life we live here is sweeter for knowing you can eat in our restaurants, drink our wines and bask in our pristine country air, with a clear conscience.

We’re about doing things in ways that fortify the land that is our livelihood, and reducing our carbon footprint for the greater good, all while enhancing the exceptional quality of the guilt-free goodness we put on your plate and into your glass.

The wisdom of generations has been poured out on our premium producing vineyards and our viticulturists are fastidious about going easy on the delicate eco-system that sustains their precious vines. We look to biodynamic methods, like cultivating native insectary plants, or running guinea fowl or sheep to eat down weeds beneath the vines that would otherwise be sprayed with chemicals.

Where there’s agriculture, water is highly prized and practices that preserve it top our list. Our wineries strive to recycle waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in solar power and electric forklifts.

At the heart of the farm-to-plate ethos of Hunter Valley food culture is the seasonality, regionality and sustainability of estate-grown and locally-sourced produce. Composting and organic fertilisers dial-up the nutrients and flavours in what we grow, with minimal impact on the earth we turn, and we’re passionate about eliminating single use plastics.

When you visit, you can rest assured that our growers have done the hard work for you, so that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment just by sipping, swirling and savouring the sublime food and wine that Hunter Valley Wine Country is renowned for.


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