Here in the Hunter Valley, we don’t make wines en masse. We value quality and character over volume and it shines through in the many extraordinary wines unique to our region. Awarded by the world’s top wine judges and enjoyed by wine lovers across the world, our iconic Semillon is the World’s best.. There’s no denying our highly prized old-vine Shiraz has set an enduring benchmark for quality Australian wines and we lay claim to being the birthplace of classy Chardonnay.

The trailblazer of Australia’s grape growing and winemaking industry for almost 200 years, Hunter Valley Wine Country has cultivated its own, distinctive pedigree of hand-crafted wine styles, and thanks to the rise of a dynamic new generation of producers, the region’s heart continues to beat for adventurous winemaking that inspires and delights.


You probably wouldn’t find a wine expert in the world who wouldn’t acknowledge that the Hunter Valley is the world’s best Semillon region. It’s our white wine flagship, thriving in the Hunter, especially in those dried up, sandy river beds.

Hunter Valley Semillon has lemon and lime flavours, citrusy crispness and a natural, lively acid. It can be enjoyed as a youngster on a hot day, or you can take advantage of its wonderful ageing potential – 10 years plus easily. With age you get honeyed flavours and some toasty notes. Still delicious, but very different to its youth. 

And if you want something different again, quite a few wineries are producing a sweeter, off-dry style of Semillon - drinking at its easiest.

But no matter how old you like to drink your Semillon, there’s one thing you can be sure of:  have it with seafood – white-fleshed fish, prawns, crab, lobster – and you’ll see it go to another level. 

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We have to be delicate here but after years of the world going through a phase for big, bold reds, the pendulum has finally swung back the other way. Today, medium-bodied reds of finesse and elegance are back in vogue. We say hallelujah, because that’s us!

Hunter Valley Shiraz is medium bodied, savoury and food friendly. It has an ease-of-drinking quality but at the same time history has shown time and again that Hunter Valley Shiraz can age for decades and are some of the most sought-after wines in Australia. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they’re not big, muscly wines… these guys have wonderful complexity.

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The last 15 years has seen a renaissance in Hunter Valley Chardonnay. These days there are more good examples than ever before. Did you know, for example, that a Hunter Valley Chardonnay recently took out the James Halliday Chardonnay challenge against 600 wines from all around Australia? Or that a Hunter Chardonnay has won the coveted Six Nations Challenge top wine? True.

It’s probably fair to say our Chardonnay has suffered a little because of the international acclaim of our Semillon but make no mistake, top Hunter Chardonnay is a fabulous drink in its own right. Flavours tend to be white peach and citrus, with a slatey acid.

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This variety will never have the same standing as the other two whites, but it’s not trying to. It’s a brilliant starting wine for the occasional drinker.  Flavours are bold and lively – a fruit salad in a glass. It’s not a wine to contemplate, but one to sip with friends as you relax. You’ll be surprised how quickly it disappears.



But in recent years a growing band of winemakers have been stretching their wings, and today there are a host of European varieties that are not just calling the Hunter home, they’re thriving here.

Tempranillo, the top red of Spain is showing great potential. Sangiovese, that savoury Italian red that goes so well with a wide range of foods is also well entrenched. There’s even a Portuguese variety called Touriga Nacional that is still in its early days but which certainly looks the goods. Or maybe the lighter, aromatic Barbera from Italy is more your thing?

In the whites there’s Vermentino and the bigger flavoured Fiano… both from southern Italy. They have that crispy acid freshness that is the hallmark of Hunter whites. They’re going from strength to strength.



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