We have asked our resident Visitor Centre experts some frequently asked questions from visitors to the Hunter Valley...and some of them may be exactly the answer you were looking for!



Answer: This question is the most difficult to answer however is the most frequently asked. There are over 140 wineries & cellar doors in the Hunter Valley and the interpretation of 'best' winery is definitely of person opinion. The variety of wineries & wines in the Hunter Valley is what makes the area so special & determining the 'best' winery to you is the one of the most fun parts about visiting the area! Do your research online & in our Visitors Guide & determine which cellar doors appeal to you. Download a map & begin to plan your visit! You will soon find the 'best' winery to visit!


Question: What else is there to do other than wine tasting?

Answer: If wine is not your thing, there are plenty of other alternatives to enjoy whilst in the Hunter Valley. We have a number of wonderful art galleries, gourmet foods, speciality shops & day spas in the area, as well as the Hunter Valley Gardens and world class golf courses. If you prefer beer or spirits over wine, we have a number of boutique breweries & distilleries to visit & sample. If you love to be in the air rather than on solid ground, there are also a number of aerial adventure activities to indulge in including hot air ballooning, helicopter joy flights & even skydiving!


Question: Is there a fee to do wine tasting?

Answer: There are only a small few wineries and cellar doors that do charge for tastings. These fees are usually incurred for groups requiring private tastings or for sampling speciality wines.


Question: Do any wineries run tours?

Answer: There are a number of wineries that run scheduled tours of their facility that will show you the process of wine making. These occur at set times each day and range from $5 - $15 per person. Click here to find a list of wineries that provide this service. 


Question: Does everything close over Christmas and New Years?

Answer: Most businesses will be closed Christmas Day with some restaurants with on site accommodation open for lunch or dinner; however reservations are necessary. Most businesses will still be open the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day. Check back on our website in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and there will be a downloadable document detailing most business opening hours over this period. 


Question: Are most businesses open midweek?

Answer: The majority of businesses in the Hunter Valley are open 7 days a week; with the exception of some smaller wineries and restaurants.


Question: What is at the Hunter Valley Gardens?

Answer: The Hunter Valley Gardens is the largest display gardens in Australia. There are 60 acres of gardens including 10 themed gardens & 8 kilometres of walking trails. There are over 6,000 trees, 35,000 rose bushes, 250,000 annuals, 600,000 shrubs and 1,000,000 ground covers. Ensure you allow yourself at least 2 hours if you wish to walk around the gardens, however there are also guided train tours available. 


Question: What is there in the hunter valley for children?

Answer: There are a number of activities for children in the Hunter Valley. We have the Hunter Valley Gardens which offers a story book garden, as well as fish feeding throughout the day in their sunken garden. We have Aqua Golf and Putt Putt Golf at the Hunter Valley Gardens Village where there is also a kids playground. The Hunter Valley has plenty of local produce where you can enjoy cheese, chocolate & gelato tasting. For children that love animals, there is the Hunter Valley Zoo which has a number of native Australian animals on site as well as demonstration, feeding and petting times which is quite fun & interactive for children. Pony & Horse rides are also available in the area. 


Question: Can I stay for 1 night only?

Answer: During midweek, 1 night stays are widely available; however on weekends very few accommodation businesses are able to accept one night stays & will request a two night minimum. Click here to search accommodation for when you wish to stay. 


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