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If an outdoor concert isn’t on your bucket list you need to add it now! The Hunter Valley is the favourite destination for many of the world’s best known performers… Springsteen, Sting, The Eagles, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Cold Chisel… need we go on? They’re all lured by the stunning vineyard backdrop, great wines and country hospitality.

Then there are the wine and food festivals, including the Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival held each May and June, and regional music and film festivals.  Whatever your party vibe, we’ve got an event so suit.

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Inspired by Shead's grandmother's 1920's postcards from Monte Carlo

Opened in 1879 the Monte Carlo Opera House and Casino embodies the opulence, sensual morés and cultural refinements of the Belle Epoque—France's late-nineteenth-century Golden Age.

In 1913 Maurice O'Shea, aged 16, boarded a ship bound for France. He was on his way to Montpelier, where he would lay the foundations of his career as a vigneron. Ten years later his youngest and favourite sister Nora also boarded a ship for France. She was on her way to Monte Carlo, to meet her future husband, Pierre Branche-Digne, the conductor of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo Orchestra. The Opéra de Monte-Carlo, established in 1879, is part of the Monte Carlo Casino, located in the Principality of Monaco.

The inspiration for these works came from the discovery of a bundle of postcards, featuring the interiors of the Monte Carlo Casino, that Nora Branche-Digne née O'Shea (Gria Shead's grandmother) sent to her mother and her brother Maurice after her marriage—in Monte Carlo—in 1924. The postcards captured the Belle Epoque atmosphere that their mother, Léontine (who grew up in Paris and arrived in Australia in 1882), had sustained in the O'Shea family home in Sydney throughout their childhood. This bright period of creative blossoming in France suddenly took on a new personal dimension for the artist, as the opulence of the Casino interiors memorialised in the now-faded postcards evoked multiple layers of Australia – France cross-pollination.


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