Upper Arts 23

Upper Arts 23 showcases the art-making and conceptual concerns of a group of senior school artists from the Singleton community.  This inaugural senior school exhibition at the Singleton Arts + Cultural Centre offers an interesting glimpse into the hearts and minds of young Singleton creatives.

Three prevalent themes have emerged in this year’s selection of works, broadly categorised through personal identity, environmental engagement, and an interest in traditional European Modernism.

Ideas around identity, with a particular interest in how individuals are perceived and the potential boundaries of societal expectation, are expressed in the works of a number of young artists, including Ashlee Kramer, Lexie Bright, Chelsea Bailey, Harrison Rowe and Andy Dang.

Extinction, erosion and ongoing changes to our natural environment through the impacts of human interaction became a significant focus for another group of artists, highlighted in the works of Kasey Tudor, Thanawat Thananiweij, Mariah O’Neil and Chloe Frederick.

Learning from the traditions of art history also emerged as an important theme for young Singleton artists. Lulu Davis, Lachlan Taylor and Emelia Griffiths experimented with form, texture, colour, materiality and the grouping of objects, to reconsider and rework traditions from European and Australian modernist artists.

Singleton Arts + Cultural Centre is delighted to present Upper Arts 23, as part of the Centre’s ongoing commitment to community and arts education. We are proud to provide a space for young Singleton makers to showcase their creative talents.


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