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Self-Care at Home: Top Tips from Heavenly Hunter Massage

​With so much uncertainty in the world right now and the whole of NSW under stay-at-home rules, it's important you don't forget to take care of yourself and make time to focus on you.

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired? We've gone to the experts to find out what at home self-care techniques can help reduce the stresses and tensions of everyday life. So, take a moment to reset and relax with these top tips to keep us happy, healthy and healed while at home thanks to Heavenly Hunter Massage

Vitamin D

​To obtain your daily does of Vitamin (which aids with absorption of calcium and facilitates a healthy immune system) go outside for your walks to obtain sunlight. Vitamin D is fat soluble. Our tummies have pretty much the most fat cells in our bodies, so lay out in the sunshine and get our bellies out for 10-15 minutes a day. Wear a hat and/or put sun block on your face!! Brisk walking in the Sunshine creates the happy hormone Serotonin. This will also help against Depression.

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​Remember to do some stretching. At the moment are spending more time sitting at the computer doing Zoom meetings and face time sessions and spending increased amounts of time checking out social media etc. on our phones. As us Heavenly Hunter Angels are not able to massage you at the moment, take at least 10-15 minutes a day somewhere in your day to stretch your legs, arms and neck. If you can squeeze in 30 minutes a day that would be wonderful and so good for the body.

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​When we are stressed, which, let us face it, these are pretty stressful times(!), we tend to hold our breath. Stress, creates actual stress on our adrenal system. It also creates a hormone called "Cortisol" in our body. It builds up and can create belly fat which leads to all sorts of issues. So, when we remember to breathe deeply we can release toxins. By doing deep belly breathing it can help calm the nervous and also the endocrine systems. Thus, bringing the body back to homeostasis. You can breathe in for say a count of 5 then hold for count of 2 and out for count of 7 hold and repeat. You can count to what is comfortable for you as long as the out breath is longer than the in breath.

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

​When we have any type of disease in our bodies, inflammation is brought on. To help our bodies be in a top condition to ward off disease we can help by having an anti-inflammatory diet. Basically, it is easy to reach for not so great food when we are stuck at home. We actually do have time now to make healthy, delicious, nutritious meals and snack choices. Keep up your fresh fruit and vegetables, fish (salmon particularly), nuts, flaxseed, lean meat (a couple of times a week). If you can try some vegetarian options to give your digestive system a rest, it can be very beneficial for your body's recovery. There are different legumes we can make into yummy curries which use great anti-inflammatory spices like cumin and turmeric. If you can add plenty of fresh garlic and ginger, that will help too! Try using lots of lovely healthy oils, such as Extra Virgin olive oil and cold pressed olive oils – we have plenty of this the Hunter Valley region!

And, of course, 1-2 glasses of red wine here and there. Not too much. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fresh water. Best Rule – fresh is best. Give the pre-packaged stuff a miss.

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Self-Oil Massage

​Warm up either some coconut oil or massage oil. After a lovely relaxing magnesium or Epsom salts bath, in a warm room, massage in warm oil to your own body. Start at your feet and work your way up the legs using movements that work towards the heart. Then start at the hands and work towards the body, moving towards the heart area. When you find a "knotty" spot see if you can press more firmly and try to release the knot and tension. Remember to breath (using the technique above) whilst doing this, this is for relaxation. You could add some Lavender essential oil to help with the relaxation. Now all that's left is to sit back, relax and enjoy!

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​Meditation is the perfect activity you can do to calm your whole being down. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Make a space where you can sit and just "be". If you are able to find a quiet space that is perfect. The whole aim of meditation is to be able to be "still" wherever you are; sit, lay down, whatever works best for you. Have blanket over you to keep yourself warm and relaxed. Put on some relaxing music. Do five breaths of the breathing technique explained above and then… let go… let your thoughts drift past and relax. Meditate for 20-30 minutes for the best results.

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Warm Bubble Bath

​Baths send us back to feeling safe, secure and warm. This is the perfect way to unwind and calm our systems down. Put some magnesium and/or Epson salts in the bath. This will assist in drawing out toxins from our stressed bodies. Make sure the bath isn't too hot. Now all you have to do is relax and be in the moment.

Add some bubbles, they're always fun… A good book to calm the mind and perhaps a sneaky glass of red. Just one... or two!


A good night's sleep helps our cells repair and builds our immune system. It can also affect our metabolic system which can affect our ability to shift weight. 7-8 hours sleep per night is best. Right now is a great time to start a new routine.

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​Heavenly Hunter Massage offers you the chance to have healing, health and happiness. The Hunter Valley has a wonderful sense of community. This is the essence which we would be honoured to share and to flow outward to the world. IKE: The world is what you think it is; be AWARE. We choose to enable others to feel our hospitality and attitude.

Specialising in the ancient modalities of Lomi Lomi and KaHuna we offer a range of treatments that are designed to have complete still body. When you are still, the flow on is that you begin to evoke a calm mind. Receiving a nurturing treatment dissipates stressful thoughts and peace has the potential to gradually be restored. This can then allow creative and inspiring ideas which introduce a free spirit. The choices have the potential to be limitless. KALA – There are no limits; be free.

Whether you are receiving a facial; a massage or a Reiki Treatment our therapists bestow the healing and loving intention of the whole of that which you, the client, requires on that day. They do this with every treatment. Yes! MAKIA: energy goes where attention flows; I am focused.

To look after ourselves is paramount. First give to self so we can give to others. Or give to others so you, and they, can both receive. Health and Happiness are synonymous. Now is the only time to be! Past is done and no point worrying and the future is not yet determined, so why get anxious about it. Seize the day. MANAWA: Now is the moment of power; be here. Treat yourself with a treatment for your wellbeing.

All healing is done with love. When you have that intention, it flows through to the recipient. ALOHA: to love is to be happy with; be happy. The aim is to feel rested and restored.

When you are in a state of peace, you are more able to move back to your Self. Claim your own power and uplift yourself. You have the power, ability and are your own authority, no need to obtain from external sources. MANA – All power comes from within; I am confident.

Being in a state of confidence and full wellbeing, your mind is clear and you are able to know the different options and paths that align with your truth for you to follow. PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth – I'm Positive

Book in your next treatment with Heavenly Hunter Massage via their website for when restrictions ease or purchase a gift voucher for yourself, a loved one or friend and let them know you're thinking of them and sending your love!


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