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A Cheese Lover’s Guide to the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley isn't just a haven for wine enthusiasts; it's also a paradise for cheese lovers. Home to several renowned cheese producers, the region offers a delectable array of cheeses that perfectly complement its world-class wines. Here’s a guide to four of the best cheese purveyors in the Hunter Valley and their top-selling or highly rated cheeses.

 The Smelly Cheese Shop

The Smelly Cheese Shop is a must-visit destination for cheese aficionados. Located in Pokolbin Village, this shop offers an extensive selection of both Australian and imported cheeses. Known for its diverse range and knowledgeable staff, The Smelly Cheese Shop provides an exceptional cheese-buying experience.

Top cheeses to try:

  1. Truffle Triple Cream Brie: This luxurious cheese is infused with truffle, adding a rich, earthy flavor to the creamy brie. It’s a favourite among visitors for its decadent taste and smooth texture.
  2. Smoked Cheddar: A classic cheddar with a smoky twist, this cheese is perfect for those who enjoy a robust, full-bodied flavor.
  3. Blue Cheese: The shop’s selection of blue cheeses is particularly notable. Try their creamy and tangy Roquefort or Stilton for a bold cheese experience.

 Binnorie Dairy

Binnorie Dairy, located in Lovedale, is famous for its artisan cheeses made from locally sourced milk. The dairy focuses on creating fresh, high-quality cheeses that showcase the best of the Hunter Valley’s produce.

Top cheeses to try:

  1. Marinated Feta: One of Binnorie Dairy’s signature products, this feta is marinated in a blend of olive oil, herbs, and spices. It’s creamy, flavorful, and perfect for salads or as a standalone snack.
  2. Labna: This Middle Eastern-style cheese, made from strained yogurt, is soft and spreadable with a tangy flavor. It’s a versatile cheese that pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.
  3. Duetto: A unique combination of mascarpone and gorgonzola, Duetto is a semi-soft cheese with a perfect balance of sweetness and sharpness. It’s ideal for cheese boards and canapés.

Hunter Valley Cheese Company

The Hunter Valley Cheese Company, situated in Pokolbin, prides itself on producing hand-crafted cheeses using traditional methods. Their cheeses are made from the freshest milk and offer a wide range of flavors and textures.

Top cheeses to try:

  1. Hunter Gold: This award-winning washed rind cheese has a creamy interior and a distinct, earthy flavor. It’s a standout product that cheese enthusiasts must try.
  2. Hunter Brie: A classic choice, this brie is soft, creamy, and has a subtle, buttery flavor. It’s perfect for pairing with fresh fruit and crusty bread.
  3. Fior di Latte: A fresh mozzarella cheese, Fior di Latte is delicate and mild, making it a great addition to salads and pizzas.

Hunter Belle Cheese Room

Hunter Belle Cheese, located next to De Iuliis Wines, offers a range of artisanal cheeses made from the milk of local Jersey cows. Their dedication to quality and innovation has earned them a loyal following.

Top cheeses to try:

  1. Blue Moon: This blue cheese is creamy with a balanced blue mold flavor. It’s a top seller and a favorite for those who love a strong, tangy cheese.
  2. Goldenbelle: A semi-hard cheese with a washed rind, Goldenbelle has a rich, nutty flavor and a smooth texture. It’s excellent on its own or paired with a glass of Hunter Valley wine. 
  3. Bellingham Blue: Another standout blue cheese, Bellingham Blue offers a robust flavor with a creamy consistency. It’s perfect for blue cheese lovers looking for something special.


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