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Boydell's Winery

Cellar Door Morpeth


Hours: Thurs to Sun: 10:30am - 5:30pm


Boydell's is a family owned and operated boutique vineyard in East Gresford. We love wine, we love to make it and we love to drink it! The Cellar Door for all tastings is located in Morpeth.

Owned and operated by Daniel and Jane Maroulis with their growing family, Boydell's produce premium Estate wines from the grapes grown on their picturesque property on the banks of the Allyn River.

The vineyard is steeped in history, it is arguably the site of the first vineyard in New South Wales. The property was settled by Charles Boydell in 1826, he and wine veteran Dr Henry Lindeman first established wine grape production in the area. Like Charles, Daniel crafts quality, boutique wines from the grapes grown on this picturesque and historic farm.


Map & Directions

2 Green St, Morpeth NSW 2321


Phone: 0417 747 454