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Hunter Wine Theatre

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The Hunter Wine Theatre - a new visual experience in Wine Education

The fun side of seeing a winery in action is when the grapes are being picked and put through the crusher at the winery – which for The Hunter Valley happens only in January and February.

For the rest of the year action at in winery is generally pretty quiet. Not so with the new Hunter Wine Theatre…

After the 15 minute show – up come the lights and it’s down to the serious business of wine tasting. In front of each visitor is a bracket of the Hunter’s best wines.

This brand new experience takes just over half an hour in our dedicated theatre, running several times every day.

Up on the big screen – learn a little of the Hunter’s wine heritage, Australia’s oldest wine area.

See the grapes being harvested, and being crushed at the on site winery.

And that’s just for the white wines…

Making red wine is a completely different process.

The Cellarmaster takes visitors through the “Structure” of wine. 

Why is colour important? 

Smell the many bouquets of a wine, and of course what should one look for in the taste of wine?

The winemaking lesson continues watching how the wine press actually works, the Winemaker adding the yeast, seeing the juice start to ferment into alcohol, learn the art of wine blending, and finally the wine being bottled.

Open every day at 11am and 2pm. Individual bookings not required - however numbers limited for each show.

And the whole experience is just $30pp.

Map & Directions

Hunter Valley Resort, Corner Hermitage Road & Mistletoe Lane, Pokolbin NSW 2320



Phone: 02 4998 7777