Peter Sesselmann Artist

Peter Sesselmann is a Hunter Valley based expressionist and impressionist artist.

Peter was born in Sydney Australia 1964 and at the age of 2 moved with his family to Norway and returned to Australia in 1981. After many different careers ranging from “artificial limb maker” to “Jeweller” Peter finally settled on a family tradition of painting. Since taking up painting full-time in 2000, Peter has had several successful exhibitions and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines. In 2006 Peter and his family undertook a Tree-change, so they packed up their home in Lane Cove - Sydney and headed for the beautiful and inspiring Hunter Valley, they then spent the next 2 years renovating their “straw bale” house and constructing the 100m2 Studio on their 10 acre property in the Hunter Valley. During this time Peter has also produced 4 major murals in Kurri Kurri and Patterson and is now ready for the 2008 opening of the Studio/Gallery. Peters is a prolific painter he has filled his studio walls with colourful and inspiring paintings on display.

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Location: 245 Frame Drive, Sawyers Gully NSW 2326
Phone: 02 4930 4437
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