Bruce Tyrrell – The Tyrrell family have been producing wine in the Hunter Valley since 1858. It is one of the oldest family wine companies in Australia, and Bruce represents the fourth generation of Tyrrell’s controlling the company.

Under Bruce’s control, Tyrrell’s has grown from a small to medium-sized wine company, with its operations firmly based in the Hunter Valley.

Outside of the company, Bruce devotes his energy to the Hunter Valley Wine Industry as a whole. He has served in the Australian Wine Tourism Alliance as Chairman, as Director of the Hunter Valley Research Centre, has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal, and has served on the Hunter Valley Vineyard Association for many years in roles including President and Treasurer.

Bruce has championed the growth of Semillon through classic site selection, and has worked to change the Hunter Valley Wine Show to a proper regional show. 

Bruce Tyrrell was inducted as a Legend in 2009.


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